Previous Events

17th September 2020

Due to the success of the opening of the ‘Teeny Tiny’ shop and several people unable to attend, a booking by appointment was held.

This event included a simple afternoon tea for all who attended. Attendees had a choice of teas and cakes, these were a great success with recipes being exchanged.

The attendees enjoyed browsing the shop, and were happy to enjoy their tea and cakes until there time slot.

The feedback from the event was as follows:

“Great idea and I look forward to returning to purchase gifts for Christmas”

“ So many interesting items in a small space”

2nd September  2020

This was the third event to take place @ Rear of the plough B&B and the opening of the ‘Teeny Tiny’ shop.

The shop incorporates local artists, designers and craft workers, all of which produce a beautiful assortment of gifts.

The event was held on what turned out to be a lovely sunny day, which helped brighten the sprits of all that attended due to many people not having left their houses for several weeks. The event paid particular attention to government  guidance, with attendees feeling safe to browse and shop at their leisure.

Thank you to all who attended.